LYFE Talks: “Fine Dining, Without The Fine Dining Price”

LYFE Messenger: Memphis Business Journal LYFE Location: East Memphis LYFE Line: No microwaves, no fryers. We cook our food. We sauté, we roast, so, in a fast casual environment you will get food very… Continue reading

LYFE Talks: “Self-serve water towers put us in the sweet spot”

LYFE Messenger: Restaurant Business Online LYFE Location: River North LYFE Line: The fast casual [restaurant] implemented self-serve water towers with spigots for still and sparkling. This, plus initiatives such as using frozen fruits… Continue reading

LYFE Talks: The beauty is that it feels like everyone’s idea

  LYFE Messenger: The Sasse Chronicles LYFE Location: River North LYFE Line: The flatbread tasted like well, FLATBREAD!  It was soft and pliable just like its gluten filled friend. Continue reading on The Sasse Chronicles website…… Continue reading

LYFE Talks: Making positive and right food choices

  LYFE Messenger: Nation Restaurant News LYFE Location: New York LYFE Line: We’re doing everything we can to be socially responsible and use recycled materials. Continue reading on Nation Restaurant News website…    … Continue reading

LYFE TALKS: Regular Versions That Are Vegan & Taste Good

  LYFE Messenger: First We Feast LYFE Location: New York LYFE Line: It also draws attention with lighter versions of traditional American comfort fare, like fish tacos and vegan “unfried” chicken made with whole-wheat… Continue reading

What Chef-Inspired Means To Us

At LYFE Kitchen, our chefs are all in unison when crafting delicious chef-inspired cuisine. What exactly does that mean, you ask? Executive Chef, Jeremy Bringardner, provides his take on how he defines this… Continue reading

LYFE Talks: “Authentic to Everybody”

LYFE Messenger: Parents Magazine LYFE Location: New York LYFE Line: This chain, known for a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan choices, offers a kid’s taco filled with marinated tofu, veggie slaw, and… Continue reading

LYFE Talks: An edible step in the right direction

  LYFE Messenger: New York Daily News LYFE Location: New York LYFE Line: Most people take medicine because they don’t want to make the effort to eat better […]. With that in mind, LYFE Kitchen’s… Continue reading

Paleo Discussion with Mark’s Daily Apple

  LYFE Kitchen’s commitment to Paleo resonates throughout our dedicated menu items. From our Roasted Salmon entrée to our Grass-Fed Steak, a Paleo dining lifestyle is something we take quite seriously. One of… Continue reading

LYFE Talks: Recreating classics in a nutritionally responsible way

LYFE Messenger: The Daily Meal LYFE Location: New York LYFE Line: We’re not trying to serve a bed of lettuce with some seaweed on top. We want to re-create the classics, but in a… Continue reading