Meet the Team: VP of Brand + Marketing- Jen Chen


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Jennifer Chen (Jenchen for short, all one word) and I head up brand marketing. I’m sometimes also responsible for changing out the water bottle on the cooler.

How did you come to LYFE Kitchen:

I had just moved back to Vancouver and a little bird introduced me to LYFE. It was love at first bite and we’ve been going steady since then.

A day in the life of working at LYFE Kitchen:

Be a brand advocate at a yoga festival go! Design a new advertisment go! Get another great story about LYFE Kitchen in the news go! Eat a Chicken Chile Verde in the lunch room to refuel! Update our website with new products and retailers go! Sneak a blueberry Greek yogurt bar from the freezer that’s supposed to be saved for an investor presentation (sorry Todd)! Go go go!


What you love most about your job:

Seeing people try LYFE Kitchen food for the first time and saying “I can’t believe it’s frozen!” like they were prepped for a commercial. Yep yep. It’s that good.


What is your favorite nutrition or health tip:

Eat what you love, balanced with good nutrition and  exercise. No one ever said on their deathbed “I wish I didn’t eat that cupcake”. Well, not a lot of people.


What is one health goal you are really fired up about right now:

Learning to hunt and fish so most of the meat I eat during the year is clean, wild, and sustainable. Yum!


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