Meet the Team: Digital Community Manager- Oli Maughan


Who are you and what do you do? Olive (Oli) Maughan, Digital Community Manager and (Unofficial) Head of Employee Morale

How did you come to LYFE Kitchen: A good friend of mine referred me, I met with the leadership team, tasted the food and instantly knew that I wanted to be a part of what they were/are doing.

A day in the life of working at LYFE Kitchen:

5am: Run, Yoga, Juice, LYFE Kitchen Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Quinoa.

8am: Connecting, laughing and getting excited with LYFE Kitchen fans across all of our social media channels.

10am-3pm: Writing blogs, taking pictures, talking to food bloggers, more juice, working on new projects, planning out our online presence at awesome events like the Wanderlust Festival series, new restaurant openings, blogger tastings events and strategizing with my awesome team around new product launches.


3pm: E-mails, high-fives, push-ups, meeting, snack time, and (sometimes) more yoga

4pm – whenever: Chatting with more LYFERs across social channels, planning out awesome team building events for LYFE employees, giving my cat (Garbage) a good tummy rub and crossing lots of odds and ends off several strategically placed sticky notes all over my desk, notebooks and clothing.



7pm-8pm: Meditation (my Iphone, laptop and Ipad are generally hidden from me)

9pm: A little reading (currently rereading my favorite book: Shantaram)  and then lots of sleep!

What you love most about your job: So many things! I love the people I work with, I get to connect with so many different people all over the world, I love that I change my job title on every e-mail and only 2 people have noticed (the last two were Unicorn Breeder and Cat Herder), I get to travel to so many amazing places with the brand team, I get to be creative every single day and most importantly I get to be a part of LYFE Kitchen’s mission to make tasty and good-for-you food affordable and accessible to everyone.

What is your favorite nutrition or health tip: My grandmother told me to make sure to make sure one meal a day is always a big, green salad. I usually stick to it, except most of the time my ‘salad’ is in the form of a giant greenish-brown juice in a jar that my co-workers call ‘Oli’s sludge’.


What is one health goal you are really fired up about right now: I am running my first half marathon in August.. the goals I have set are: Not to stop and not to throw up. Hoping to keep at least one of those. #NotaRunner

Follow Oli on Twitter and Instagram or simply follow @LYFEKitchen to see what she’s up to! Apply to open LYFE Kitchen Retail careers here

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